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Sofia Turns One

Little Sofia is the daughter of a past couple who’s destination wedding I shot in Punta Cana a few years back. It was great to catch up with Julie and Bryan and to meet the newest member of the family.

Julie Szucs - I look at this picture daily and think to myself, how lucky I am to have a wonderful husband and amazing daughter. Thank you for taking the time to capture this moment for me

Taco Tuesday – Wedding Photography Networking Group

If you are a client of mine you have probably heard me mention Taco Tuesday during a consultation, usually in answer to the question “what happens if you cannot shoot the wedding”.

The rest of you are asking what is Taco Tuesday?

Several years back Tom Forrest and myself decided we needed some “water cooler” time.  We both shoot nearly every weekend of the wedding season  and many times we have two weddings per weekend. During the week we are busy with the production side of the business and we realized we needed some down time.  So we started getting together on a weekly basis to talk shop, catch up on life and have our version of a weekend.

After several months Genevieve Nisly began joining us. Word spread to other photographers and the group began to grow quickly. We also began inviting other wedding professionals such as videographers, planners and dj’s. I believe it was Christmas of 2008 when we had about 40 wedding pros attend one of our get togethers. At that point it struck us that  we had created a great network of individuals from  across the wedding industry.   We began to host a “Super Taco Tuesday” on the first tuesday of each month for all wedding vendors. The core group of original members continue to meet weekly.

Currently the list for Super Taco Tuesday is 100 plus with anywhere from 20-40 people attending.  Typically we hang in Hudson, but when possible we like to schedule the gatherings around other events such as whirlieball, county fairs, bonfires, seminars, members open houses, holiday parties and end of the season parites. This past Christmas we had an “ugly holiday sweater contest bolwing party”. ( by the way, my wife may have been the unofficial winner.)

Even though many of us in the group are “competing” for the same weddings, we do a great job at keeping things friendly. Most of us only serve one couple on any given date so it is great to have a list of referrals to pass along. Clients love when I can suggest additional vendors that I know and trust. I think it speaks volumes for the industry. Potential clients have actually brought the Taco Tuesday group up in meetings because they have heard about it from other vendors. Other industry professionals who have not attended our get-togethers have sought me out at various events to say how lucky they think our group is to have each other.  I couldn’t agree more!

I love of what we have created. I like the influence we have made on the local wedding industry and I am proud to say that the Cleveland -Akron area has truly talented wedding vendors. More importantly, I’m lucky to call many of these folks friends.

If you are a wedding vendor reading this and you aren’t on the list, drop me a comment and I will get you added!

Cheers to my Taco Tuesday peeps!  See you manana!

Heather Martello - I would LOVE to me a part of this group. I fully believe we need to all work together.

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Amy Cameron - Love the post and Taco Tuesday! It’s so nice to have met so many wonderful people in the wedding industry.

Brent Watkins - I’d like to be added to the Taco Tuesday group.

Thomas - Very well said my friend! Though none of us ever want to miss shooting a wedding for our clients, sometimes it’s simply out of our control. I take great comfort in knowing I can call upon my friends in the STT group if I ever find myself in that situation and will still be able deliver to my clients the service and amazing work they expected from me…. Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!

Andrew Jordan Photography – New Portfolio Site and Blog Are Live

As the wedding season quicky approaches I am excited to finally announce the launch of the newly designed portfolio site and blog.

The new presentations are both both clean and simple.  I want my work to speak for itself and not be lost within an overly designed site. much in the same way as viewing art in a gallery, nothing else is on the wall competing for the viewers attention. The style I am presenting is intended to be classic, timeless and authentic. those attributes never become dated. This approach is something that I want to carry through all aspects of my photography  business.

I also plan to make the new blog a bit more “groomcentric” with posts and links to helpful and fun groom information.

Please feel free to stop by from time to time to see my latest work. thank you for your support.