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Katie and Erick – The Lodge at Geneva

Katie and Erick celebrated their marriage and reception at The Lodge at Geneva. If you’re checking out this blog, and planning your wedding, you may want to consider seeing your bride or groom before the ceremony. I know, it sounds crazy, and I wouldn’t have given the idea a second thought when I was planning my own wedding (oh, wait, I didn’t really plan my wedding, I left that up to other people because I’m not really into that kind of thing), but lately, it seems like a popular thing to do and honestly, the bride and groom always seem more at ease when they choose to see each other before the ceremony. It also offers a chance to get some key pictures out of the way so that you have more time to spend at the reception and/or cocktail hour.

Every bride and groom who chooses Andrew Jordan Photography, completes a “Getting to Know You Survey”, Katie mentioned how much she appreciates candid photography–I think they got some really great shots to remember their special day.

Katie and Andy – Cleveland Yachting Club Wedding

Katie and Andy were married at Rocky River United Methodist Church and their reception was held at The Cleveland Yachting Club. Katie grew up attending Sail Camp at the Yacht Club, and later was a Sail Camp Counselor and also participated on the Club Swim Team. Obviously the reception venue held a certain amount of sentiment for Katie and her family. The family boat, The Bobcat, was docked nearby and flew an American Flag, in honor of Katie’s grandfather who was a Marine and Purple Heart Veteran in World War II, and also a flag from Katie and Andy’s alma mater, Ohio Univeristy.

I love the bride and groom’s expressions as Katie walked down the aisle. This was also one of the few weddings where the mother of the bride was all about getting out on the dance floor!