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Cinematic Wedding Films

Throughout the end of last season I began taking the time to broaden skills and learn more about creating great wedding films (videos).
Much like my style of photography, clean, classic and timeless I will begin offering wedding films that also represent that style.

Your day will be captured on the same DSLR cameras I use for stills and I will record high quality audio as well.  My approach is to cover the key events of the day; ceremony, first dances and toasts. Full day coverage options are available too.

All of those moments lend themselves to opportunities that can be further appreciated with more than just stills alone. Do not get me wrong I know and treasure the value of a great collection of wedding photos. I have been capturing those for ten years. But, in that time I have seen so many great moving moments and heard such beautiful words that could never be captured in a photograph alone. I want you to have those memories and experiences as well.

I see that wedding films continue to become more of a must have to documenting the wedding day and not a last minute add on. Unlike in the past when a video had to be watched at home in front of your TV through a DVD player, we now have ability to view your wedding film anywhere you are with a computer, tablet or smartphone. A wedding film will compliment your wedding photographs and tell the complete story of your day.

With my wedding film collections I will always have at least one additional photographer to assist in covering the day and manage the extra gear. We will use multiple camera angles we create a cinematic feel and give you a sense of your day from different points of view.

Because of my experience in the wedding industry I understand what it takes to do a great job creating a collection of wedding images. No less work, care or creativity goes into creating a wedding film.

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