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Mary and Jeff – Solvenian Society Home

Mary and Jeff were such a fun couple to work with. I think Jeff’s best man won the award for best toast of the year. It was pretty awesome, and thankfully someone was recording it because it was definitely one to be remembered. Following the ceremony we stopped at the Cleveland Cultural Gardens and got some really cool shots of the bridal party. Can you guess where we were for the pictures of Mary and Jeff? West Side Market–isn’t that awesome? I had no idea people went there for pictures, but it was really fun because all of the food vendors and shoppers clapped as Mary and Jeff walked around. After a stop at the Great Lakes Brewing Company, we headed to the reception at the Slovenian Society Home, where Mary and Jeff had place cards for us (scroll down and check out the really cute camera cut out for our table). That was so nice of you, thank you! Best wishes to you both.


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