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The Studio – Hudson Wedding and Portraits

For those of you that have not yet visited me at the studio I would like to share a bit about what we have going on there. Lets start with a little history first. in September of 2009 I opened the doors on my first studio space in Hudson. It was a wonderful gallery style space with a dedicated shooting area, meeting area, work area and dressing room.  moving my business out of the home office was one of the best things I did for my work and family. It created a needed separation from the job and gave back some important family time.

Fast forward a year – I was ready for a change. while the space was fantastic, it was not ideal for my particular business. I mostly photograph people and weddings. Most everything is on location or outdoors, so having a large shooting space was overkill.  When my lease  was up for renewal I decided it was time to rethink things.

At that point I got together with a few of my Taco Tuesday friends and we discussed the idea of a shared studio space. A place where we could  meet clients and do our production work. I have worked hard at establishing myself within the Hudson community so I really wanted to stay in town. We found a great location near downtown. the new space was really well suited for us all. There is a much warmer and cozier feel to the meeting area, all of my decor from the old studio worked well, and with some new carpet and a fresh coat of paint we were in business.

The studio now represents three companies, myself, Tom Forrest Photography and Imagen Photography & Video. We all maintain out autonomy as individual businesses, although on occasion we will second shoot for each other. And while there are some similarities within our work we all have unique styles and personalities.

Just as it was prior to us moving into the studio, we continue to meet some of the same wedding clients, now it’s just in the same location. The feedback from clients has been positive. at first they usually ask if we are in competition with each other. The answer is yes we are, but it’s a friendly competition. They all leave with the knowledge that whoever they choose they will be well taken care of.

Feel free to stop by sometime and check it out, there are plenty of sample albums and large canvas prints to check out.

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