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Blogs for Grooms

Like I say “Grooms Are People Too”. Grooms need to stay informed and up on whats going on with the whole “wedding thing” that they are part of. So I have put together a list of groom friendly blogs that just may help keep you out of trouble.

Honestly I have seen grooms all over the map on their level of participation. Some really dig in and have a big part in the day while others are just asked to be there and hopefully on time. Just kidding. No seriously we really hope they make it.

Often the groom is in charge of “finding” the DJ. I say finding because he might not have the final say on that one. A few times each year I will get a call from a very motivated grooms inquiring about my services. Typically somewhere is the conversation he reveals this is the one thing he was supposed to “research” and he has been putting it off, followed by a “please be available for our wedding”.

In no particular order:

The Plunge

The Man Registry

The Grooms Says

Good luck and best wishes on your planning.

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